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Medicare has temporarily suspended the 2% Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012 for dates of service starting May 1, 2020  – December 31, 2020.  Please make sure your EMR/EHR systems are allowing for the extra 2% in Medicare monies. For more information, please visit For medical billing consultation and services visit our services page: HHS […]

CMS issued a NCCI edit stating that any PT or OT evaluation along with CPT codes 97530 and 97150 would be subject to deny as of January 1, 2020 if performed together on the same treatment day.  In late February of 2020, CMS retracted this NCCI edit and issued a statement to outpatient therapy providers […]

The importance of cybersecurity has become increasingly prevalent in media, conversations, and business. Major software companies have been hit with fines from breaches and millions of users data has been exposed illegally. This year marks the 15th anniversary of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Here at HHS Solutions, we have pooled together some resources that we […]

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Today, June 14, is Flag Day! Back in 1777 the Grand Union flag was replaced by a new design by Congress. The new flag featured the iconic 13 stars arranged in a circle on a blue background with 13 red and white stripes. These stars and stripes represented the number of states at the time […]

A massive computer virus called WannaCry has infected thousands of computers worldwide as of last week. What makes WannaCry distinct is that it does not need to have users click on a link for it to infect your machine. Some security researchers are pointing the source of the virus to the Shadow Broker’s leak of […]

[cmsms_row data_width=”boxed” data_padding_left=”3″ data_padding_right=”3″ data_color=”default” data_bg_color=”#ffffff” data_bg_position=”top center” data_bg_repeat=”no-repeat” data_bg_attachment=”scroll” data_bg_size=”cover” data_bg_parallax_ratio=”0.5″ data_color_overlay=”#000000″ data_overlay_opacity=”50″ data_padding_top=”0″ data_padding_bottom=”50″][cmsms_column data_width=”1/1″][cmsms_image align=”left” animation_delay=”0″]1189|×549.jpg|masonry-thumb[/cmsms_image][cmsms_text animation_delay=”0″]   All of us deal with HIPAA in one way or another, whether it is your own information that gets accessed by others or with other people’s data that we may handle at work. HIPAA […]


The average skilled nursing facility has a high demand for telecommunications and the use of modern technology. With the use of technology, the need also exists for IT support. While some IT vendors supply support with their contracts on their own software, the computer equipment is often purchased by the facility. There are several options […]