June 14 Flag Day

Today, June 14, is Flag Day!

Back in 1777 the Grand Union flag was replaced by a new design by Congress. The new flag featured the iconic 13 stars arranged in a circle on a blue background with 13 red and white stripes. These stars and stripes represented the number of states at the time of the adoption. Flag Day was officially declared an observance by Harry Truman in August of 1949 and since then many Americans have proudly displayed their flags on this day.

Over the years the design for our flag has changed and morphed into what it is today. Often called “Old Glory” or the “Star Spangled Banner”, the flag represents many things and can and has instilled emotions in many people. Roman Mars presented a great TED Talk filmed in March 2015 at the TED2015 conference, which covered Vexillology – the study of flags. In his talk Roman described the philosophy of flag design and what makes a great flag great. His humorous and radio-styled talk discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly in flag design often at the expense of poorly designed city flags.

So let us celebrate flag day today!

Learn more about Vexillology – the study of flags

Vexillology Revisited: Fixing the Worst Civic Flag Designs in America

The link above takes you to the TED talk and the depiction of other flags within the United States.

Do you have a favorite flag? leave a comment below and tell us.

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