Medical Billing

Getting the most out of your claims
Welcome to HHS Solutions – Your medical billing solution

HHS Solutions is a customized billing company that serve both non-profit and for profit entities. We are designed to meet your needs in the constantly changing healthcare world. Our medical billing consultants understand the complexities involved in the healthcare field today. We formulate a plan that is tailor-made to help you achieve your goals in the medical billing industry. This gives you the opportunity to focus on what really matters, patient care. We are able to provide our billing expertise with consulting, or simply manage your billing for you.

Recognizing the importance of our services:

You may have:

High billing staff turnover
Your financial aging may be piling up
Accuracy problems with your medical billing

We can help you:

Create and define billing practices
Become HIPAA compliant
Train your billing staff
Produce your medical billing for you

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Fast Payments

With our medical billing system, your claims will pass through the fiscal intermediary correctly the first time, ensuring you accurate and faster payments.

Maximizing Reimbursement

We review all facility data to ensure they are getting the most money for the services provided to their community. We make sure that all claims have processed correctly and mediate for claims that process out of order from previous billings. We take pride in giving excellent customer service and working with our clients on an individual basis.

Medical Billing

On a regular basis, our billing specialist’s follow-up on claims that might be sitting in an unpaid status.  Our team follows through with the billing process with insurance payers to find out why those claims are unpaid.  We make the necessary corrections to help facilitate faster payments to your organization.  


We work every day with resident’s protected health information, so we understand the importance of keeping resident records confidential. Our process for collecting information from facilities and for submitting claims all is done with regard to following HIPAA standards.