Clinic Billing Services

Here at HHS Solutions we provide Clinic Billing Services. Currently, we bill claims to private insurance companies like Blue Cross or United Health Care, and Government insurance such as Medicare or Medicaid for a Rural Health Clinics.

Our billing team works with outpatient establishments or hospital departments where patients are given medical treatment. If you have a General Outpatient Clinic, Convenient Care Clinic or a Specialist Clinic, HHS Solutions can partner with you for billing consultation or take on your billing needs directly.

Family practice facilities, run by specialists in different areas of practice that do not have patients in the facility overnight also fall within the clinic billing part of HHS Solutions.  The primary care physicians, health clinics, private clinics, or urgent care clinics can receive expert advice from us as well as learn about packages that can help reduce A/R and headaches.  We bill for checkups, vaccinations, and other minor health treatments. In rural areas, a Rural Health Clinic is considered similar to these outpatient clinics because of a lack of resources in the area for healthcare.  Currently, HHS Solutions does the billing for Rural Health Clinics with help from Janet Lytton from Rural Health Development.  Janet’s knowledge in this area is a great asset to us.

Here at HHS Solutions we currently bill for Mental health and Rural Health Clinic visits.   We started out as a billing service for nursing homes in rural communities in our area but have found the need for clinic billing grow and have opened our billing services to meet the demands of any health facility’s needing our help.