Beware of Email Attachments even Word documents

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Beware of Email Attachments

We received an email this morning from what looking like a person wanting to apply for a position within our company. It is not out of the norm to receive legitimate emails from open job positions. What made this email stand out is that it did not specify the job that they were applying for and it had a word document attachment.

The antivirus did not even flag the attachment but after transferring it to a air-gaped computer (computer without any network connection) we found that it contained a malicious macro inside of the word document.

Malicious emails are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated as the years pass, so learning to spot phishing attacks and bad emails is important.

List of filetype extensions that can be dangerous:

  • .jar
  • .js
  • .ps1
  • .exe
  • .doc/docx (know vulnerabilities exists use extreme caution)

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