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In the healthcare industry, medical claims play a crucial role in facilitating the reimbursement process between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients. Medical claims are formal requests for payment submitted by healthcare providers to insurance companies, detailing the services rendered and the associated costs. Understanding the concept of medical claims and the parties responsible for […]

In the complex landscape of healthcare administration, one critical aspect that demands attention is physician billing. Accurate and efficient billing processes are crucial for healthcare providers to maintain financial stability and provide quality patient care. However, navigating the intricacies of medical billing can be overwhelming for many healthcare organizations, leading them to consider outsourcing this […]

As individuals approach the age of 65, understanding the intricacies of healthcare coverage becomes vital. Medicare, the federal health insurance program, offers two primary options: traditional Medicare plans and Medicare replacement plans. While both options provide coverage for healthcare expenses, they differ in terms of structure, benefits, and cost. In this article, we will explore […]

As part of our commitment to fostering transparency and building trust in the healthcare industry, HHS Solutions is eager to engage in an open discussion about some common misconceptions surrounding medical billing companies. It is our firm belief that dispelling these myths can help practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders better understand the vital role that […]

Medicare’s open enrollment begins October 15, 2020 and ends December 7, 2020.  During Medicare’s open enrollment, Medicare recipients can change their current plan to a privatized managed care plan (MCO) or if a recipient is currently enrolled in the managed care plan (MCO) they can re-enroll into traditional Medicare. It’s important to choose a Medicare […]

With the emotional impact Covid-19 has taken on our aging communities, we here at HHS Solutions want to remind you how to keep nursing home residents and yourselves safe during this pandemic.  Every nursing home has specific rules and regulations from CMS and their local DHHS to ensure their residents are protected during this trying time.  […]


Flu Shot CPT Codes It is that time of year again for our Medical providers to start administering flu shots to our residents and staff.  CMS has released the new pricing schedule for the flu vaccinations for 2020.  Please make sure you are billing the correct CPT/HCPCS code for each dose administered as well as […]

On July 22, 2020, the Trump Administration has allocated another $5 billion in Provider COVID Relief Funds to Skilled Nursing Facilities. This will help offset the loss of income from potential residents that would have normally admitted to a SNF for rehabilitation and nursing care under the Medicare Part A benefits.  Many people feel unsafe […]

In March 2020, CMS released information regarding waivers of the inpatient qualifying stay requirements for residents who plan on admitting into a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) for aftercare following a hospital visit.  In the MLN SE20011 (revised) publication, CMS stated that Medicare recipients who did not meet the traditional three midnight qualifying stay for skilled nursing (part A), would be allowed […]