Medicare Open Enrollment 2020

Medicare’s open enrollment begins October 15, 2020 and ends December 7, 2020.  During Medicare’s open enrollment, Medicare recipients can change their current plan to a privatized managed care plan (MCO) or if a recipient is currently enrolled in the managed care plan (MCO) they can re-enroll into traditional Medicare.

It’s important to choose a Medicare plan that best suits your needs.  Each plan has different benefits available to the recipient.  Traditional Medicare for both Part A (Hospital) and Part B (physician) services requires a monthly premium to be paid out of the recipient’s social security money for part B.  Most managed Medicare plans (MCO) will waive the cost of the part B premium.  It is also important to know what is included in the managed Medicare plan (MCO) and the upfront and out of pocket costs that you will be responsible for.  With Traditional Medicare you will need to find a plan for your prescription insurance, while a managed Medicare plan will include this as a benefit.  It is a good reminder to shop around during the open enrollment period to compare the different plans whether it be traditional Medicare, Managed Medicare or prescription insurance as the benefits change yearly.

For more information on Medicare’s open enrollment, please the following sites or contact your area on aging for assistance with enrolling!

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