New Medicare Covid Relief Funding

On July 22, 2020, the Trump Administration has allocated another $5 billion in Provider COVID Relief Funds to Skilled Nursing Facilities. This will help offset the loss of income from potential residents that would have normally admitted to a SNF for rehabilitation and nursing care under the Medicare Part A benefits.  Many people feel unsafe to enter a SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) due to the pandemic at hand and other safety concerns.

With this next round of COVID relief funds coming, the dollars associated with the $5 billion, SNF’s will be able to use these funds to help enhance their infection control processes to ensure better and safer care of all potential and current admits to each facility.  The funding will also provide an opportunity to gain access to critical supplies (PPE and Covid Supplies) that their nursing home needs as well as supplement the loss of income due to less admissions to their facilities.   

At HHS Solutions, LLC we encourage all Medicare providers to sign up with UHG (United Health Group) so that all Corona related payments will be deposited via EFT into each applicable account.  You can sign up with the link below: 

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