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About Us

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to maximize your reimbursement and give you more time to focus on what you do best – meeting the needs of your community and residents.

At HHS Solutions, we take the complication out of the confusing world of medical billing. With over 40-plus years combined experience, we understand the rules and regulations to medical billing and we keep up with the ever-changing rules that are presented in the industry.

Our company maximizes your reimbursement by billing your medical claims for you, which allows your staff to better take care of patients/residents. We specialize in long-term care billing, skilled nursing billing, physician clinic billing, urban and rural clinic billing and physical therapy billing.  We also complete cost reports, provide operational analysis and strategic planning.

What sets us apart:

Over 40 plus years combined experience.
Hands-on billing involvement
Billing and Nurse consultants with Administrator licenses
Complete focus on A/R management
Significantly increases cash flow
Aggressive claims follow-up
Your success is our success

Ron Ross


“I believe the biggest reason for our success has been in delivering value to our customers. We enjoy an excellent reputation based on our ability to meet the needs of our clients, at a fair price.”

Ability and desire- the two traits necessary to get a job done! There is no substitute for experience and expertise, however, when we add the additional ingredient of passion, we have the recipe for success. “Our clients deserve to contract with a company that has the skills and the drive necessary to make sure that quality work gets done in a timely manner.” Today, Ron is the CEO and President of several family-owned companies, including HHS Solutions. Ron saw a need for medical billing services in the Midwest, which is how HHS Solutions is able to serve communities today.

Prior to Ron creating HHS Solutions, he and his brother, Roger Petrik, started the nursing home management & consulting company, Rural Health Development (RHD), in 1990. As President of RHD, Ron provides leadership for the staff and their facilities.

Ron also served the State of Nebraska when Governor Mike Johanns appointed him to his Cabinet in 1999. His entrepreneur spirit helped him lead the Department of Health and Human Services (Nebraska) for five years at a time when the national economy forced State Government to improve programs with fewer resources. When the Nebraska State Treasurer resigned, the Governor asked Ron if he would fill out the remaining three years of the term. There were many candidates for this position but the Governor had confidence in Ron’s integrity and work ethic.

Since returning to RHD in 2007 and subsequently creating HHS Solutions, Ron continues to look towards the future, anticipating the health care needs of Midwestern communities and bringing services to those that can benefit.

Matt Ross, N.H.A.

Vice President

Matt grew up in Cambridge, Nebraska and graduated from Doane College in 2001 with a degree in Business Finance/Management. Matt’s first job out of college was working for the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office to implement the State’s centralized child support collection program. This led to a Program Specialist position with the Department of Health and Human Services, where he continued to work with Nebraska’s child support program. Matt was soon hired for a Business Analyst position with DHHS, and worked there until he made the move toward obtaining his Nursing Home Administrator’s license. Matt worked as the Administrator at Glen Haven in Iowa after receiving his license.

Matt is currently the Vice President of HHS Solutions, in addition to his duties with Rural Health Development. Through his knowledge gained from seeing the managed nursing homes and hospitals with RHD, and his position as a nursing home administrator, Matt is able to understand the complexities of the business office. Matt believes that HHS is the answer to so many board members and administrators concerns about the financial well-being of their buildings. While no one can predict everything that will happen in the future, HHS Solutions is able to appropriately obtain reimbursement to medical facilities for all the hard work they do and give them the best chance they have for thriving in today’s regulatory environment through its consulting and billing services.

Matt enjoys spending time with his fiance, Anne, and their dog, Ace, as well as golfing, playing cards, and going to music concerts.

Emily Plageman

Chief Operating Officer

Emily began working for RHD, HHS Solutions’ sister company, in 2010. Prior to her time with RHD and HHS Solutions, Emily worked for the Nebraska State Patrol in their Criminal Identification Division. Following her time with the State Patrol, Emily was employed by several State of Nebraska Departments, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care and the Department of Corrections in their Human Resources area. After her time spent working with the State, Emily was employed with CEDARS as a Family Partner in the Emergency Shelter, assisting families and youth.

While being employed with RHD, Emily has met a lot of great folks at all of the long-term care communities that RHD manages and is excited to continue being able to benefit those same types of places with HHS Solutions. Emily loves her work at HHS Solutions as she is surrounded by a great team of hard-working, and caring people who want nothing more than to help communities thrive. The opportunity to work with different areas of the business, such as operations, the business office, and with marketing allows Emily to enjoy all of her business interests in one job.

Emily and her husband, Brendan, are proud new parents of a baby girl.  During her free time, Emily enjoys gardening, cooking, reading, and being outdoors.

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