How to open encrypted emails

Open the email

Click on “read the message”. If a message says an error has occurred please wait 60-120 seconds and try to open the link again.

Use (2) one-time passcode or (1) sign in with another provider.

2 One-time passcode:

Another email will be sent from Microsoft, so check your junk or other folders for the one time pass from Microsoft Office 365 message Encryption and return to the sign in screen (it should be in another tab).

Enter in the code to the other tab, and check the “this computer is safe” to avoid the code process for 12 hours.

After pressing the right arrow or “continue” you will see the contents of the email.

If you select option 1 you can avoid the hassle if you have your account saved in your browser.

Please call 402-464-0054 if you need help accessing a secure email.