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Medical Billing Nebraska We pride ourselves in being experts in the medical billing field. Many practices and facilities find it difficult and time consuming to bill properly and in a timely manner. All of our billers and billing specialists are located in Nebraska or in the neighboring states. Whether you are in Seatle, or New […]

As most of you know, Medicare implemented a 2% reduction to all provider payments as of April 1, 2013. Currently this cut is in full effect across the board to all Medicare certified healthcare providers. What this means to your facility is that any services that are billed to Medicare on or after April 1, […]

As our elder population continues to grow, so does the need for longterm care for our senior citizens. Many seniors, along with their families and caregivers, are finding it harder to afford the continuous care they require. If your loved one is having a difficult time paying privately for their short-term care or longterm care […]

We review all facility data to ensure they are getting the most money for the services provided to their community. We make sure that all claims have processed correctly and mediate for claims that process out of order from previous billings. We take pride in giving excellent customer service and working with our clients on […]